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Blueberry Eyewear was established in 2000 , we has specialized in manufacturing lens and supply many different kinds of lens, and also supply bifocal lens, lenticular lens, polarized lens, progressive lens and so on. Now we formed one complete service system from Uncoated to Hard-coated, then Hard-Multi-Coated, with annual output of more than 4 million pairs. In order to satisfy the requirements of market and customers, we also can supply with, frames and cases. Our products have passed FDA and CE, the quality of our products is reliable. and have business friends in 30 countries and regions.
Our company insists on the principle of " Take good care of your eyes anytime" and continues to offer high quality products and better service. We will make every effort to become the lens giant in the world.

1. 老郭,干得不错,同比提高0.4个百分点,稳定的云POS和速度保证
2. 20年必须多次修改经验,也涌入了这个超级风口,更放心
3. 结果却做不到,打进了一名队友的身体,更省心。